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Classic massage is the manual application of targeted courses that include rubbing, lubrication, kneading, rolling and flapping.

Massage promotes swelling, improves tissue nutrition, lymphatic flow and mobility, helps restore soft tissue function, reduces muscle tension and relieves pain. Reflexively, by altering the blood supply, massage affects the functioning of other organs and is either soothing or stimulating.


Sports massage is one of the classical massages that is best suited to physical performance. Catches are faster, stronger and more dynamic to warm up, to improve the blood supply to the body, and to be able to exercise more. This massage is also suitable after physical exertion, the purpose of which is to relieve the body from fatigue and to regenerate the muscles with finer touches.


The main ingredient of the massage is the cleansing, invigorating and refreshing oils extracted from the herbs. Touches and scents stimulate blood circulation, soothe the nervous system and relax muscles.

Coco massage for young people

Relax with the soothing scent of coconut. You can choose between whole body and back massage. Massage with coconut oil is suitable at any time of the year and for any skin type. Intensively regenerates, moisturizes, protects and nourishes the skin. During the massage, the oil gets into the skin and gradually exerts its healing and strengthening effect. The result is smooth and beautiful skin.


Honey massage is a very effective detox massage. Honey actually contains all the minerals and a lot of iron that is essential for our body. Massage in spring and autumn is best.

Lava stone

Massage using rounded lava stones heated to approximately 60 degrees Celsius. They are able to absorb, retain and gradually release heat, which completely eliminates fatigue from the body, relaxes muscles, absorbs negative energies and improves blood circulation. This extremely relaxing massage brings the body and soul the coveted relaxation.


The reflex foot massage is based on seventy thousand nerve endings that are attached to the feet and connected to each part of the body. Pressing precise points, stimulating internal organs, relieving tension, activating the lymphatic system, helping with insomnia and headaches. After the massage, the body becomes more resilient and balanced, and the pleasant feeling on the light feet is positive. Massage should be done at least once a month.

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